It should be no secret I am a high-heel addict. It also should be no secret that I am an avid Goodwill-er. So, lucky me that I have access to about five at all times. (Only feeding the fire here…)

I can’t think of the last time I purchased an article of clothing for myself that wasn’t from a thrift store of some kind. I am actually always shocked to see what people give away. Over and over again I have found items with tags, shoes with stickers still on the bottoms and designer handbags for a mere $3! Fabulous!

This weekend I had some very good finds! (bear with me, my photos of clothing and shoes leave a little to be desired..)

A pair of Bandalino peep-toes. Talk about beating the Monday blues with these shoes! $3

And continuing with my recent pineapple obsession, a Christmas tree find for 59 cents!

(I seriously think I am obsessed with this ornament…although it is ugly in its own really funky way..)

Last, a summer dress my Marc Jacobs. I too was shocked to find this sucker there for $8!

I was just thinking as I was writing this, I wonder if Goodwill has any Black Friday deals???

:) Happy Holidays!

xo <3 L

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2 Responses to Who Needs A Glass Slipper With Shoes Like This?

  1. Kate Feldhues says:

    that pineapple is ugly as sin…

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